It has been announced this week that one of our newest and most exciting artists, Hayden Kays, has a postcard of his artwork for sale in all of the Tate Galleries. The image used is of Kay’s sculpture ‘This Is Not A Brillo Box’, which pays homage to Andy Warhol’s iconic 60s Brillo Box.

Kays’ also recently created the artwork for rock band ‘The Kooks’ latest album ‘Listen’ and all of their following singles. His brilliant heart design is visible on posters and billboards across the country. The limited edition silk screen ‘Handle With Care’ is available through artrepublic and follows a similar style and format to the ‘Listen’ cover.

Kays has previously been described as ‘The screaming voice of an angry Britain’ and is proving to be one of the hottest young artists around. Gaining recognition from institutions like the Tate signals exciting times for the multitalented artist.