View our hottest art highlights for October 2014 by taking a walk around the walls of our artrepublic gallery. Gallery manager Amy Fonseca takes you through three fantastic pieces, including a mesmerising edition by Rob Wass, a ferocious Dave White and a memorable new print from Dylan Floyd.

Rob Wass, 'Murmuration' – A signed limited edition print of 150, this is a hand-finished silkscreen. Black is the only colour to have been printed with the other colours being applied by hand, making each piece very individual and unique. The heavy use of black for the trees and starlings contrasts with the other pockets of colour. Rob Wass’ work is about control, movement and trickery; making static work appear as if in motion.

Dave White, 'Apex VIII' – This is a signed limited edition silkscreen print of just 50, which has been finished with a diamond dust background and varnish. This piece is from his recent show in LA and follows on from his Aquatics Series. Through his work Dave White want the viewer to reconnect with these creatures, highlighting their beauty and fragility. The first Apex shark we had in the gallery sold out in just 5 weeks.

Dylan Floyd, 'Griffin Kitten' – This is a signed limited edition giclee print of just 25. The piece shows a kitten with a griffin’s head; one of the artist’s memorable creatures. The abstract gold pattern creates beautiful depth, glowing behind the griffin kitten. Dylan Floyd is a self-taught artist who began his career painting on street walls. He is inspired by graphic novels, children’s stories, animal and patterns.