World Cup fever has gripped the country once again and the sight of different nations coming together to celebrate the beautiful game has got us thinking of the various countries being represented at our Brighton Gallery and the variety of great prints we get from all around the world.

One artist who has truly got into the world cup spirit is RYCA aka Ryan Callanan, who has produced a replica of the world cup trophy complete with his signature acid house smiley face. It was commission by Brighton based DJ Fatboy Slim who will travel around Brazil playing gigs during the tournament. The original edition of 14 sold out at our sister gallery Ink_d, although they do have a special set of 7 available which have been beautifully finished with 24 carat gold.

Now to meet the nations...


If one of our artists had to represent England at the World Cup it would have to be ‘The Godfather of British Pop Art’ Sir Peter Blake. A big football fan, Blake is a life time Chelsea supporter and proud Englishman. In interviews Blake has said one of his favoured ways to unwind is by cutting out images from books in front of a game of football on the television. These cut-outs go on to make up his iconic collaged images and crowd scenes.

Blake’s artwork celebrates British culture and we are lucky to have a large selection of his signed limited edition prints available in our Brighton Gallery. Sir Peter’s latest print ’75 Years of the Beano’ was made to celebrate the anniversary of the children’s comic book the Beano. It features an energetic and mischievous group of characters from the comic in front of Dundee High School. Also available by the renowned artist is the wooden puzzle set of prints. ‘Wooden Puzzle Series- Everly Brothers’ is a collage of found objects and printed matter. It has been embossed and is inspired by his love affair of icons and the ephemera of popular culture.


Kozyndan, the California based King and Queen of quirky represent both the USA and Japan. Their Japanese art influences can been seen in their 4 seasons open edition series and the instantly recognisable ‘Uprisings’ prints which is a modern take on ‘The Great Wave of Kanagawa’ by Katsushika Hokusai.

The couple’s latest signed limited editions prints ‘Hunters: Charks an Kittehs’ and ‘Vegans: Mantees n’ Bunnies’ sees them juxtaposing different animals to make unlikely partnerships. ‘Hunters’ show two of the animal kingdoms predators teaming up whilst ‘Mantees’ has cute bunny rabbits and serene Mantees forming a vegan alliance.


South Africa who played host to The World Cup 4 years ago is home to one of our newest and incredibly popular artists Pixel. His first series of prints, the ‘Mexican Patriot’ series, were reinterpretations of well-known comic book super heroes with a Mexican twist. Only ‘Lobenzo’ (Wolverine) remains from that series with Batman and Iron Man having quickly sold out.

However, fear not as Pixel has returned with the 3 villainous enemies of his previous hero protagonists. ‘El Comodin’ is the dark and brooding Joker with his trademark red painted mouth and ghostly palour. ‘El Iman’ is Magneto, the powerful mutant scourge of Wolverine, while ‘Perdicion’ is Dr Doom, Iron Man’s nemesis which is a stunning metallic silver print onto black. All of the superhero prints are silkscreens in an edition of just 30 and won’t be around for long!


One of the most memorable images of the 2006 World Cup was of France captain and football legend Zinedine Zidane losing his head quite literally and butting his opponent in the final against Italy which subsequently led to him being sent off. In our Brighton Gallery we have the work of our veruy own maverick Frenchman in the form of the irrepressible Mr. Brainwash. Best known as the star of Banksy’s 2010 film ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’, Mr Brainwash has exhibited worldwide and his exuberant and brightly imagery has been used for album artwork for the likes of Madonna and rapper Rick Ross.

Mr Brainwash’s objective is to spread a positive message to the world through his work and has made ‘Life is Beautiful’ his mantra. ‘The Vacuum Queen’ is a signed limited edition silkscreen print which shows MBW’s classic playful spirit and artist vision. We also have a number of 1/1 original works on paper by this wonderfully eccentric artist in our Brighton gallery.


Italy traditionally fare well at the World Cup and emerged victorious in 2006. Despite the Spanish sounding surname, Luca Barcellona is our Italian artist representing the blue of the Azzuri. An immensely talented calligrapher and typographic artist, Barcellona creates stylish text based work by hand in brush, pen and ink. ‘Knowledge Speaks’ is a beautiful 4 colour Silkscreen print featuring a quote from Jimi Hendrix in an elegant gothic script.

Performance analysis...

So while the World Cup is great time to be reminded of the footballing talent around the world it is also a great time to look at the fabulous and diverse prints available at our Brighton Gallery. We have artists representing countries all over the globe and stunning prints from a variety of nations so head down to check out the talent on offer!

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