Sara Pope has been a favourite at the Brighton Gallery since her first release of luscious lips earlier in June 2013. She started off with a range of seductive celebrity lips including Lips 1 and Lips 2 which has sold out. Her latest collections are bold and drizzling with punch like the previous collection, but with added gloss, gold leaf and diamond dust finishing. We couldn’t have been happier to hear the news of new work by Pope.

Sara’s Lips pack a thought-provoking Pop Art punch but beneath their glamorous gloss she likes to raise question about the ideal of beauty and the transience of celebrity culture. She has said, “I like to explore the banal notions of style and glamour, conformity and non conformity.” Originally from Stoke on Trent Sara Pope studied Mathematics in Leeds and went on to build a background in fashion before painting independently 7 years ago in 2009.

The new release comprises of Lips 3 a beautiful high gloss giclee print, Lips 4 which has been hand finished with 23ct gold and gloss and Lips 5, hand finished with diamond dust. We can’t chose which one we prefer, as they are all dripping with beauty! Don’t wait around too long with these gems as they are only an edition of 25 each!