The art world maverick Thierry Guetta aka Mr Brainwash made his presence known in New York City last week when a huge mural by the artist was unveiled on a building near the site of the World Trade Centre. The mural, which reads “WE LOVE NEW YORK”, was displayed on the department store Century 21 to coincide with the 13th anniversary of 9/11.

In an interview with the Gothamist website, Guetta explains how the mural is his way of showing his love for New York and as a means to greet the people of the city. Having recently moved to the Big Apple, Guetta goes on to describe his plans for collaborating with other artists and helping local schools with his art, as well as becoming a part of the artistic community. The mural is loaded with iconic American imagery including the national flag, a heroic fire fighter and policeman wielding a can of spray paint. Besides the New York mural Guetta has collaborated with the likes of Madonna, Michael Jackson, Rick Ross, Coca-Cola, Nike and Mercedes.

Guetta reiterates that his modus operandi is to create work that is inspired by love, positivity and beauty, often for the benefit of charities. We can’t wait to see what he gets up to in his new adopted home of New York!