The ongoing debate about Scottish independence is due to reach its conclusion next week with what will be a historic vote. All the media focus on the event got us thinking about the multitude of artists the country has produced over the years and the important role Scotland has played in the world of art.

The political artist War Boutique has tackled the issue of the Scottish referendum head on with two prints, Vote- Yes and Vote – No. One print features the red, white and blue of the Union Jack to represent a no vote and for Scotland to remain a part of Great Britain. The other silkscreen is in the classic blue and white of the Scottish national flag signifying a vote for independence.

Often referred to as ‘the People’s Painter’, proud Scot Jack Vettriano has voiced his support for independence stating, “I think any small country that is attached to a big country wants independence”.Vettriano is probably best known for his painting ‘The Singing Butler’ and despite being largely scorned by art critics, has had an exceptionally successful career. He is one of the most reproduced artists in the world and was even asked by Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond to create his official Christmas card back in 2010.

Bruce McLean is another Scottish born artist who has achieved worldwide success, having studied at Glasgow School of Art in the early 1960s. McLean’s wide artistic practice incorporates sculpture, performance art and painting. His vivid and energetic take on traditional still life compositions has been very popular in our gallery. His rebellious spirit is always apparent in his work.

Regardless of the outcome when the votes are counted, Scottish art will undoubtedly continue to thrive and the country will carry on producing exceptionally talented artists whether part of Great Britain or independent.