Did you spot the interview with our favourite Street Art maverick Pure Evil in the Financial Times last week? Interviewed by Peter Aspen for a feature on the rude health of Urban Art market, Pure Evil is described as “one of the most prominent names of the thriving street art scene.”

Peter Aspen writes, “And yet urban art has never been in ruder health, its ephemeral zest turned into something more long-lasting, and commercially viable. Banksy, the movement’s flag-bearer, has become an auction-house favourite. And Pure Evil himself... is becoming an unlikely interloper in the traditional art establishment.”

Aspen observes that there are “signs that street artists are becoming more ambitious in their scope, keener to align themselves with the centuries-old subjects of traditional art forms.” The interview with the purveyor of UK and international business and economic news is further proof of Pure Evil’s rocketing reputation and the vitality of the Urban Art market.