We’re delighted to see Art Everywhere returning for a second year. The collaborative project presents the UK’s favourite art from the nation’s public collections in a vast nationwide exhibition. It is the largest outdoor exhibition with thousands of poster sites and billboards up and down the country celebrating a summer of art.

There are 30,000 poster sites with 25 works of art on display for 6 weeks. "Whether you're on the high street and you suddenly see a Turner, or you get on a bus and you see a Chris Ofili, it is about having great images beautifully reproduced in an unexpected urban context," explained Stephen Deuchar, co-founder of Art Everywhere. "This is a fantastic initiative and I hope it goes on for many, many years to come," said the artist Antony Gormley.

The 25 artworks were chosen from a long list of 70 works in public galleries. David Hockney's elderly parents, Marc Quinn's blood-filled head and Dora Carrington's painting of an idyllic Lake District farmhouse are among the works chosen. With 38,000 public votes and the help of the finest UK curators and creatives the exhibition is now on until 31st August!