Most of the nation's greatest works of art are in our museums and galleries, but there are also thousands of significant works in homes across the country. A new series on BBC Radio 4 begins this afternoon investigating the art-works in UK homes and considering the stories they tell about our national identity.

In the first programme of the series BBC Art Editor Will Gompertz reveals the importance of discovery, hearing about the joy of uncovering apparently lost masterpieces and acquiring works by chance. Gompertz meets an unemployed couple from Lincoln who believe they have tracked down, via the internet, works by Vincent Van Gogh, Edouard Manet and Paul Cézanne.

He also finds out about a businessman who happened to become a good friend of Pablo Picasso. The genius artist gave him one of his prized plates which sat in a drawer for 40 years, because its new owner thought it looked horrible. Now his son has re-discovered it! And there's the tale of home owner who happened to find a work by Francis Bacon on a wall - long hidden behind fitted furniture. This is sure to be a fascinating series!

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