We’re super excited to announce the release of two exclusive new prints by longstanding graffiti maverick Aroe. The Brighton based artist with international kudos, has returned to his early inspirations in these brand new prints – the roots of graffiti and 70’s cool, and American hip hop band the Beastie Boys.

“Everything I do is in some way a nod to the history of graffiti,” explains Aroe when describing ‘Ink Panther’. The limited edition print is a testament to the deep and fascinating history of graffiti as well as the artists who risked their freedom purely for the sake of art. The Pink Panther represents the early tradition of replacing vowels in a tag with characters, “I think the Pink Panther is cool, he’s always been cool. He’s an iconic image within graffiti.” You might recognise this piece from the walls of the Grand Parade in Brighton.

‘Licensed to Skill’, as the title wittily suggests, is a tribute to the Beastie Boys and their 1986 album ‘Licensed to Ill’. The print is of a photograph of Aroe painting his iconic 12ft by 68ft mural in Oxford Place, Brighton. The graffiti piece recreates the full album cover image of a Boeing 727 crashing head-on into the side of a mountain like a snubbed out cigarette. Aroe created the plane after Beastie Boy Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch sadly passed away from cancer in 2012. Images of the work were used in Rolling Stone’s obituary and went viral overnight. Aroe, who was heavily influenced by the band in the 80’s, describes the print as “My memorial, paying my respect to the Beastie Boys.”