It’s a year since popular Bristol based artist Copyright’s appearance on BBC1’s 'The Apprentice'. He featured on Season 8 of the series as an artist that was selected and taken to London to put on an exhibition to see which Team of candidates could sell the most artwork. We caught up with him to talk about the experience, here’s his response...

“I really couldn’t have imagined the impact it would have, I totally underestimated what being watched by 8million viewers would be like for me as a working artist. I knew going on the show would be a risk, I mean I know with those things they like to dramatize stuff to make better viewing, and a clever edit one way can easy make things out of context, but like all things that I chose to do, for me it was about the adventure, you know when you make a decision to make art full time, it’s not really a career decision more of a ‘if I don’t do it I’ll never know’ kinda vibe. Maybe all artistic types have a regret complex, I dunno. Anyway thankfully it worked out well... I haven’t caught my breath since. “

“The weeks that followed the show were insane, I kept thinking, ‘this has got to slow down soon’ but it didn’t and still hasn’t.  It’s been great fun, but it’s been a lot of hard work, I know now is a temptation to put out new work quickly, but I’m conscious that now I have a bigger audience it’s more important than ever to only do work that represents me best and to try and do my strongest work ever. It’s been difficult to keep up with demand, many stressful days / sleepless nights, but I am still releasing new works slowly.” 

Copyright is an artist who never disappoints, we often sell out of his prints before we’ve even had a chance to get them framed and up on the gallery walls! “My latest print ‘Beautiful Heartbreak’ goes on sale this week, it’s already been one of my most popular images, so am sure it’ll be a popular print.”

“The best part of The Apprentice for me was finding a new audience, this art scene is still quite underground, my works been collected by people familiar with the scene and art collectors for a long time, but since going on the show I’ve noticed a change in the people wanting prints to a more wider audience. It’s lovely to imagine my prints and paintings hanging in people’s homes up and down the country.  “


Watch the best bits of Copyright’s appearance on 'The Apprentice'...


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