We are delighted to announce a brand new release from the acclaimed contemporary painter Jake Wood-Evans. ‘Red Deer’ is a startling beautiful portrait of a majestic red deer stag (one of the largest of the deer species) on Jake Wood-Evans’ characteristically rich and dark background.

The giclee and silkscreen print on fine Somerset Enhanced 330gsm paper is signed and numbered. The influence of classical art in this print is evident. Jake Wood-Evans was awarded a scholarship for classical study at the Prado museum in Madrid, where he discovered the work of Diego Velasquez. The Spanish Baroque painter has had a lasting impact on Jake Wood-Evans. This new work is possibly a contemporary tribute to the magnificent ‘Head of a Stag’ by Diego Velasquez.

We exhibited the original oil on canvas ‘Red Deer Study 1’ by Jake Wood-Evans at the prestigious London Art Fair 2014 earlier this year. Unsurprisingly, the beautiful piece attracted a great deal of attention and quickly sold. We are expecting this small limited edition of 50 to sell very quickly so don’t hesitate if, like us, you’re enchanted by this exquisite creature.