On Saturday (International Women’s Day), the UK's largest all-female Street Art event kicked off. Spanning across 7 days, the female street art collective Femme Fierce are celebrating the best burgeoning women artists in the Urban art scene across the world.

They have already set a new Guinness World Record by creating the largest spray-painted mural by multiple artists. Over 100 international female artists came together to create a mural in London’s Leake Street Tunnel, affectionately known as ‘Banksy tunnel’. Street artists from the Middle East, Africa, South America and Europe sprayed and painted work onto a unifying pink background. As well as highlighting female street artists and graffiti writers, the event is also raising awareness and proceeds for Breast Cancer Care.

As part of the celebration, Sunday saw the world premiere of the Street Art documentary ‘Women on Walls’. The 25 minute documentary by Danish filmmaker Cathryn Cort Koppel explores the issues, dangers and marginalisation that female street artists face and how they overcome such hurdles. The film features old school street artists Chock and Akit, author Nancy McDonald, and our very own Jo Peel!

Image credits: www.independent.co.uk