View our collectable art highlights for March 2014 by taking a walk around the walls of our artrepublic gallery. Gallery team member Jess Miles takes you through three fantastic art works including a beautiful Justine Smith edition, a brilliant hand-finished piece by Bruce McLean and an outstanding Dan Baldwin silkscreen with diamond dust.

Justine Smith, Diamond Queen art print: This is a signed limited edition of 60. There’s a nice finishing touch where it’s got the signature in blue and a little emblem as well. In all of her work Justine Smith uses different forms of currency. In this one she’s taken the Queen’s head from various English notes. It’s a silkscreen print, some of it is beautifully finished with diamond dust and the background is pearlised. It’s a really great patriotic piece to celebrate the diamond jubilee of the Queen!

Bruce McLean, Tulbagia art print: It’s a signed limited edition of 75. It’s beautifully hand-finished where the white is on the flowers. It’s also got a collaged section at the bottom. Bruce is a really well established contemporary British artist. He represented Britain at the Venice Biennale along with Gilbert and George in 1980. He also currently teaches graduate painting at the Slade School of Art.

Dan Baldwin, Faith Less art print: It’s a signed limited edition of 100. It’s a silkscreen print that has been finished with Diamond Dust, gold-leaf, and embossing. A lot of Dan Baldwin’s work features a mix of childhood imagery mixed in with quite dark imagery such as sculls, knives, razor blades and crows. A lot of the elements in this work are carefully placed, there’s a lot to look at and explore. You can get really lost in this image!