Banksy’s puckering up policeman, who had previously inhabited the wall of Brighton’s Prince Albert pub, have sold at a US auction for $575,000!

The 'Kissing Coppers' was removed from the Brighton wall in 2011 and flown to the US. The monochrome stencil of the caressing constables has now been purchased by an unknown telephone bidder at a Miami auction. 54 pieces were auctioned alongside ‘Kissing Coppers’, including two other Banksy paintings – ‘Bandaged Heart Balloon’ and ‘Crazy Horse Car Door’. Both of these artworks were created during the Bristolian street artist’s 2013 New York ‘street residency’.

The original ‘Kissing Coppers’ was replaced with a replica and encased in Perspex. Critics argue that such pieces should not be removed from their original locations as it takes away from Banksy’s original intent, what do you think?

Image credits: Photograph: Joe Raedle/Getty Images