We recently added a new artist to the site and an extensive collection of his enchanting and emotive art prints. It turns out we’re in good company being massive fans of John Simpson's imaginative imagery...

The Brighton-based artist designed the album art for one the UK’s best-known bands, alternative rock band Snow Patrol. Snow Patrol’s lead singer Gary Lightbody bought a large charcoal work from Simpson and subsequently commissioned him to provide a piece for the band’s album ‘Fallen Empires’. The result was the monotype and woodcut ‘Eagles Descent’. Gary bought the original, but we now have a limited edition print of the soaring eagle by John Simpson which has taken its place in rock ‘n’ roll history.

At the weekend we also spotted John Simpson’s fascinating ‘Descent of the Minotaur’ in artist Antony Micallef’s living room! Featuring in the property section of The Telegraph, the internationally acclaimed contemporary artist gave a tour of his “simple and serene” living space, which features Simpson’s monochrome marvel hung above a rather beautiful grey velvet sofa. With such creative admirers, John Simpson is rightly taking his place in contemporary culture.

Image credits: Antony Micallef Photo: Martin Pope