Last month artrepublic were treated to a behind the scenes master class in printmaking by the lovely team at Harwood King. We were lucky enough to witness the Giclee and Silkscreen specialists in action and even tried our hand at producing our very own silkscreen print!

Harwood King fine arts studio, based in Sussex, has established itself as one of the leading print studios in the country. Their 30 years experience in printmaking has seen their techniques and processes develop on a grand scale resulting in the production of high quality limited edition prints.

Working with the likes of renowned artists such as Dan Baldwin, The Strange Case Company and Dave White, Harwood King has explored the traditional ideals of printing, combining two printmaking processes, Silkscreen and Giclee. Recognise the silkscreen’s below?.. .They belong to two artrepublic favourites; the works of Dave White’s fabulous Cheetah and The Strange Case Company’s patriotic Huge Jack.

As one of the first studios to introduce fine art giclee printing, Harwood King has perfected their technique in this complex process. The use of an in house digital 5x4 camera, allows paintings to be photographed and proofed in a matter of hours. Seeing this process first hand was a great insight into the skill and technical ability involved to create such beautiful giclee prints.

Our evening spent at Harwood King was a memorable one! Their passion, knowledge and skill for printmaking is admirable. The reputation that they have earned as being one of the best printmakers in the country is well deserved and evident in the quality and uniqueness of their limited edition prints.