Société Perrier is a major source for everything interesting in art, music, fashion, travel, nightlife and cocktail culture. One of their top trending blogs today is ’10 Eccentric Works of Art You’ll Want to Own From London Art Fair’, in which half of the artist’s featured can be found at artrepublic!

Carne Griffiths takes the 4th spot with his brandy, tea and ink drawing ‘Mardy’. The original “which fuses bold street-art stylings with detailed ink work”, was shown at the London Art Fair by our sister gallery Ink_d. Extraordinary works by Miss Bugs and James Cauty (both exhibited at the fair by Ink_d) also made Société Perrier’s insightful art recommendations.

Number 7 on the list is the epic ‘Faith-Less’ by Dan Baldwin, “a beautiful cacophony of chaos against a cityscape.” The original mixed media on canvas was available at the London Art Fair for £21,600. Thankfully, we have a beautiful limited edition print of the work for a very affordable £1,300. Finally, don’t miss our surreal limited editions by Nancy Fouts, the 10th artist to feature on Société Perrier’s vibrant blog.