The Connor Brothers have arguably the most fascinating biography on artrepublic. Twins Franklyn and Brendan Connor are now in their early twenties with a sold-out London show and a solo US exhibition under their belts. Their journey into the art world, however, has been an unusual one…

The brothers were brought up within a secretive and highly controversial cult known as ‘The Family International’. The controversial Christian cult was founded by David Berg (frequently known by the pseudonym Moses David) in 1968 in California. It was formerly called ‘Children of God’ and many of its early converts were drawn from the hippie movement. As children living on a cult commune, the Connor Brothers were deprived of access to all mainstream media and external information.

Escaping the cult at the age of sixteen, the Connor Brothers spent several years hopping freight trains and riding the rails before settling in New York. Overwhelmed by an onslaught of information for the first time, they describe their process of making art as, “tying to make sense of the world”.