This year is artrepublic’s 20th anniversary and we have been celebrating our commitment to making cutting edge, collectable art accessible to everyone. Over the last two decades we have maintained our open door policy and continue welcome all ages, tastes, and budgets. In this light we are offering our recommendations for the most affordable and investable limited editions for £50 or less. For the price of a tank of petrol, one of these unique works could be the beginning of your art collection, the perfect gift, or a smart investment...

Mark Hooley ‘My Heart’ (Silkscreen Limited Edition of 60), £20

This punchy print from the multi-talented Mark Hooley (he’s a painter, illustrator, designer, DJ, and musician) is part of a creative collaboration with Robin Steel. Here’s an original work of art with a price tag which won’t give you a heart attack

Hello Marine ‘Un Ours 2012’ (Giclee Signed Limited Edition of 50), £40

We love this little bear reaching for the stars from French artist Hello Marine. She’s inspired by her love for music, the French Ye-Ye movement of the sixties, her childhood and fashion. This is a joyous print to invest in, full of Hello Marine’s “vivid, vibrant, sometimes retro” charm.

Hutch 'Hostess' (Silkscreen Signed Limited Edition of 100), £40

Hutch serves up some genuine urban art for less than £50 with this ‘hostess’, taken from an old airline advert. Hutch is a king of stencil, stickers and paste-ups. His, often erotic, imagery has been exhibited and sold throughout Brighton, London, and New York.

Nikki Black ‘Loved Up Red’ (Giclee Signed Limited Edition of 60), £40

Nikki Black produces a range of digital art and illustration and her limited edition landscapes sell for hundreds. Her influences include Persian rugs, Mayan ruins and American Indian patterns. This edgy little piece is certainly proving popular.

Boon ‘Miko’ (Hand Finished Signed Limited Edition of 20), £40

London based artist Boon creates bewitching portraits which reflect his international perspective. He’s committed to sharing textures, contemplative compositions and explosive colours. This is a stunning limited edition with depth, detail and beautiful hand finishing.

Helen Lang ‘L.O.V.E.’ (Silkscreen, Signed Limited Edition of 100), £40

We think this Helen Lang signed silkscreen is adorable! Helen Lang, originally from Devon, spends her time developing her decorative lettering styles, combining beautiful colour and clean lines to create her quirky and vibrant style.

Keeki ‘Narwals Swimming’ (Silkscreen Signed Limited Edition of 25), £45

Keeki, which means ‘cake’ in Japanese, is a successful London based illustrator. Her work is full of character and humour, encompassing doodling, painting, digital work and screen printing. This fantastic, graphic, limited edition of swimming narwhals is a favourite.

Nick Smith ‘Turn Me On’ (Glow in the Dark Silkscreen Limited Edition of 15), £45

Here’s a great, cheeky, glow in the dark print from interior designer/visual artist Nick Smith. Nick draws on a diverse pool of influence, from Victorian illustration to Memphis design. This unique silkscreen is from a very small edition and won’t be available for long.

Kozyndan ‘The Flooding of Prinsengracht’ (Signed Limited Edition of 1200), £48

This panoramic print is by Kozyndan, a husband and wife art partnership that are famous for creating highly detailed drawings and paintings. ‘The Flooding of the Prinsengracht’ is set in Amsterdam and touches on global warming, drug tourism, great artists from the Netherlands, the horrors of the 24 hour news cycle and owls with knees. Kozyndan are proving to be incredibly collectible and we think this limited edition would be a great value for money purchase.

A.CE ‘Gunpoint’ (Silkscreen Signed Limited Edition of 70), £50

Graffiti artist A.CE had been putting up street art for the last ten years. This silkscreen has been produced using the original stencil from his street paste up and is characteristic of his creative approach. A.CE challenges advertising, nostalgia and gender in his distinctive work and always leaves an alluring degree of ambiguity.