View our collectable art highlights for January 2014 by taking a walk around the walls of our artrepublic gallery. Gallery team member Jess Miles takes you through three fantastic art works including a beautiful Storm Thorgerson limited edition, a brilliant contemporary collage piece by Maria Rivans and an outstanding Pure Evil original.

Storm Thorgerson, Dark Side of the Moon 40th Anniversary art print: This is the last piece Storm Thorgerson created before he passed away. Storm created all of Pink Floyd’s album covers. He didn’t use any digital media to create the art work. This is 7x7 cubed grid featuring 40 different versions of the prism. Throughout the piece Storm makes references to very famous artists such as Picasso, Dali and Lichtenstein. There are some really lovely printing techniques such as diamond dust and gold foil, it has also been embossed and there are some super glossy bits which make it that bit more special.

Maria Rivans, Natural Highs II art print: This is a great little piece by local Brighton artist Maria Rivans. It is printed using silkscreen and giclee methods. It’s super glossy and super kitsch! It features are particularly happy couple wandering through the forest with giant mushrooms. It’s a complete fantasy land and it’s a really fun and positive piece. Maria’s medium is collage and she takes inspiration from vintage magazines. It’s a signed limited edition of 50 and a great little feature is the stamp that is set around the signature and edition number.

Pure Evil, Prince Philip's Nightmare original canvas: This is an original stencil on canvas. It’s signed on the reverse of the canvas. It depicts a really strong image of the Queen with a tear rolling down her face. It is a continuation of the 'Nightmare Series' which is Pure Evil’s trademark. It displays the sadness behind the happy façade that we see in the media for female icons. This was done in 35 different colourways. They’re all original, all completely unique and by one of the most popular artists in the gallery. He’s definitely one of the collectors.