Renowned street artist Ben Eine told the Guardian this week, “When I was younger, every Christmas day I’d go with my mates to paint trains – it’s the one day of the year when the trains don’t run – so I actually didn’t have a Christmas dinner for 12 years.” Can you believe he sacrificed gravy for graffiti? Such commitment to the street art cause!

Ben Eine appears in a feature ‘Artist’s Christmas’ alongside artist Bob and Roberta Smith, sculptor Cornelia Parker and photographers Simon Roberts and Martin Parr. In the feature he discusses an artwork he’s created for a lucky friend’s Christmas present, “When I was little, I couldn’t spell Christmas so I used to write Happy Xmas in my cards. Then earlier this month I made this X for my friend’s son Xavier as a Christmas present and making it reminded me of writing happy Xmas as a kid.”

This will be Ben Eine’s second festive season living in San Francisco, “Last year me and the misses just hung out at home with the tree, some presents and I cooked dinner.” artrepublic wish Ben Eine a very merry Xmas – be it train painting or more conventional Christmas activities!