Dan Baldwin has just had a really successful solo show in London and is developing quite a celebrity following. He combines a visual feast of different elements that are carefully chosen and considered for their impact together as a whole. We have three stunning new prints framed in the gallery for you to enjoy, the small but perfectly formed 'Lost Souls I' & 'Lost Souls II' and the larger piece, 'Faith Less'.

He uses childhood imagery that look like they come straight from old illustrations mixed with various skulls, knives, guns, collaged together with graffiti and loads of colour. His prints are amazing to look at and as your eye wanders across the surface you discover more and more about the piece, it draws you in, seduces you. They are beautifully printed with all the trimmings, embossing, glazing, gold leaf which really does justice to the original collages.

We recently had an evening at the gallery where Dan was doing a special signing of the book he has released called 'Fragile' that is a monograph of his work from the last 23 years to coincide with his recent exhibition. The books are available to buy at artrepublic Brighton but if you buy one of these three prints you get a free signed copy, although there are limited numbers of the signed book so don’t wait too long !