Following in the great tradition of Pop Art, Will Blanchard, a new artist at artrepublic Brighton, has released some fabulous sparkly prints. Using the ordinary “Soup Can” and transforming it into a glittering icon in reference to a commercial symbol of the modern day and by calling it Pop Art Soup he creates a clever twist on the Warhol soup can and Pop Art’s use of the everyday object.

As a new artist we are always intrigued to find out more about them and it turns out that Will Blanchard is also a drummer. He states that he was from a family that never threw anything away which resulted in him having a keen sense of re-using things, everything having a value however random, which aligned with the concepts of the readymade. Commenting that in his work he is “juxtaposing random objects together in surrealistic punk fusion using collected material recycled from trash, skips flea markets the street, broken toys and other useless stuff to create new forms” his work may appear nonchalant but he successfully uses familiar forms with new meaning and context.

Framed in the Brighton gallery now they are available in no less than five vibrant colour variations, Black, Red, Pink, Silver and Purple. They are a treat of a print, really reasonably priced and everyone loves a bit of sparkle !

The prints are not currently online so please call the Brighton Gallery for further information on 01273 724829