We are Lenticular-tastic in the Brighton Gallery as we have just received these absolutely stunning 3D Lenticular prints from two of the UK’s best loved artists Peter Blake and Damien Hirst. They offer so much more than a standard 2D print making you part of the works themselves as you experience them by moving around to view the depth and perspective created by this amazing technique.

Peter Blake has released his super popular “Eiffel Tower” piece (in a Small and a Large version), a print that sold out a few years ago and is definitely one of his most popular images to date. The famous Parisian landmark is surrounded by butterflies appealing to the romantic in all of us. There is also the equally iconic Empire State Building “Dylan Thomas, Kim Novak and James Joyce in New York” featuring three of Blake’s favourite figures and some dancing girls that crop up in several of his other prints.

The Spot paintings are possible some of the most immediately recognisable images an artist has ever created. Synonymous with his name Damien Hirst’s Spots have always been the subject of much discussion. Here “Psilocybin” appears in three-dimensional format luring you into an abstract space; they are quite mesmerising.

If you would like any further information on these Lenticulars or any other prints the please call the Brighton gallery on +44 (0)1273 724829