October is shaping up to be a great month for New York art fans who are now in Day 4 of the brilliant Banksy scavenger hunt. The race is on to find the latest additions to his ‘Better Out Than In’ residency on the streets of New York before the work gets tagged or painted over.

Day 1 saw Banksy spraying two small boys reaching for a spray paint can in an anti-graffiti sign. Day 2, Banksy revealed his “New York accent” in a humours play with typography. Yesterday, in Midtown, the silhouette of a dog cocking its leg appeared. And today, in Delancey, Brushwick and Williamsburg, a series of Broadway makeovers on random graffiti were discovered.

Today’s works are reportedly part of an ongoing series of Broadway makeovers. So far this has involved Banksy ingeniously adding the words “The Musical” to pre-existing graffiti scrawl, creating pieces which read “Playground Mob The Musical”, “Occupy! The Musical” and “Dirty Underwear The Musical”. Superb, humorous, multi-layered and mysterious, ‘Better Out Than In’ is going to be a brilliant month for street art spotting.