To honour the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Jersey Post is issuing a special commemorative stamp that will feature Chris Levine’s a groundbreaking 3D holographic portrait of Her Majesty.

Jersey Post has been working with the Bailiff and Treasury and Resources to produce the special stamp as part of Jersey's jubilee celebrations. The image used will be the same portrait the Jersey Heritage Trust commissioned in 2004 in celebration of Jersey’s 800 years of loyalty to the English Crown.

The final portrait of The Queen was the first ever 3D portrait of the Monarchy to be commissioned.

The firm said a one-denomination but high value stamp, with the first official holographic portrait of the Queen, will be issued on 1 June. The company claims the stamp will be a world first.

Jersey Post's head of philatelic said: "This has been a close collaboration involving the artist Chris Levine and Cartor Security Printers, as well as the Jersey Treasury."

It is the same portrait that will be used on the new £100 banknote.

Chris Levine’s lenticular portrait of the Queen, ‘The Lightness of Being’, from the same series of which this portrait has been taken is currently hanging in our Soho gallery.

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