Our new artist Cosmo Sarson created an impressive 45m-long and 4m-high mural for the Olympics Games in Windsor last year. The painting, under Elizabeth Bridge, is a monochrome montage of 16 faces. Now it has become the first audio interactive mural thanks to an augmented reality smartphone app.

A free app plays video and audio clips when pointed at the 16 faces on the street art piece. The clips feature voices of East Berkshire Performing Arts students and address modern attitudes towards young people. Dan Eastmond, managing director of Firestation Arts and Culture, which commissioned project, said “I believe it’s the world’s first talking mural.”

The project is being supported by the Berkshire County Blind Society, whose director explained, “The video and audio has brought the art to life, literally and figuratively.” From his 28ft mural of Jesus breakdancing to talking urban portraits, Cosmo Sarson is pushing boundaries and making more than just sound waves!