Coinciding with a major exhibition at the National Museum Cardiff, ‘Keith Vaughan: Figure and Ground’, we have released a beautiful new collection of limited edition prints by one of the most celebrated British artists of his generation, Keith Vaughan.

In the 1940s Keith Vaughan was associated with the rising Neo-Romantic movement and by the 1950s and ‘60s he had become, with Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud, a leader of the new figure-based painting practice in Britain. He once said, “I believe a painter has only one basic idea which lasts him a lifetime. Mine is the human figure.”

Three exquisite prints, ‘The Orchard’, ‘Naples, Fish Seller’ and ‘Lagoon Boys on a Punt’, demonstrate Vaughan’s interest in balancing figurative depictions within abstracted landscapes. The limited edition giclées, printed on 310gms thick, 100% cotton rag paper, are very fine examples from this pioneering Modernist.