From tried and tested classics to some more unusual contemporary pieces, we have compiled a list of 10 great art prints you will want to own in 2012.

Uprisings by Kozyndan

A new take on the classic print 'The Great Wave of Kanagawa' by Hokusai, this detailed offset print was commissioned for issue 28 of Giant Robot Magazine. Created by Los Angeles based artists Kozyndan, Uprisings is a combination of the amazing and the bizarre; on closer inspection the sea foam on the crest of the wave is comprised of hundreds of tiny bunnies. Described by Kozyndan as “An homage of sorts to Hokusai with our own furry twist.”




Always in England by Prefab77

This silkscreen print of a traditional telephone booth overgrown with plants is a beautiful take on the deterioration of iconic British monuments so frequently chronicled in Prefab77’s work. This creative collective takes inspiration from the punk movement and British patriotism.



Le Pingouin by Pablo Picasso

This iconic print of Picasso’s Le Pingouin is a classic example of the minimalist elements of his contribution to modern art. The penguin is formed of a single continuous black line, to form a classic understated print which stands the test of time in its simplicity.




Warhol on Pepsi by Pakpoom Silaphan

A vintage commercial Pepsi sign overlaid with a repeat print of the late great pop artist Andy Warhol. Echoing Warhol’s signature style, Pakpoom creates prints by moving familiar brands from their everyday frame of reference into high art. Pakpoom Silaphan creates original pop art by adding collage and illustration to found vintage advertising signs.

Homage to Raushenberg IV by Peter Blake

This limited edition print by pop artist Sir Peter Blake is the artist’s personal homage to Robert Rauschenberg, whose work has inspired Blake’s art throughout his career. The tribute includes a nod to Raushenberg’s use of found objects, including vintage postcards and photographs, a fabric coca-cola badge, book covers, a Mickey Mouse board game and an American flag.



The Tree of Life by Gustav Klimt

Originally created by the Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt in 1909, the tree of life is part of Klimt’s golden phase. Made up of delicate golden tones and foil embossed, The Tree of Life is an intricately detailed print in which there is little tonal separation between the figures depicted and the tree itself.


Cougar by Dave White

Dave White’s signed prints have become sought-after collectors’ items worldwide. Cougar appears to capture a moment of intense concentration as the cat stalks its off-canvas prey. Cougar is a giclee print featuring a striking contrast of realist detail and drips of ink.



Le Violin D Ingres by Man Ray

This iconic image was created by Man Ray in 1924; Le Violin D Ingres is a surrealist take on the classical nude, the figure mirroring that of a stringed instrument. This classic print is immediately recognisable as one of Man Ray’s greatest works.




Pink Blue Heaven by Ben Allen

Ben Allen’s Pink Blue Heaven is a composite of graffiti, street, graphic and pop art. Depicting a detailed composition of a monochrome woman overlaid with a swooping bird, with a striking contrast of magenta, red, white and blue layered across the image.




Thinking in a Galaxy Far Far Away by Trafford Parsons

Thinking in a Galaxy Far Far Away is sure to be a hit with Star Wars fans; taking inspiration from the film’s iconic Storm Troopers and Rodin’s classic sculpture The Thinker. The result is this superb, quirky limited edition, signed by that artist.