We have four shiney new prints from the fabulous artist Pakpoom Silaphan. Working in mixed media often he uses found advertising signs adding emulsion paint and collage. His work is really fresh and vibrant combining old vintage signs with iconic figures from western culture such as Bob Dylan and Marilyn Monroe.

Pakpoom Silaphan was born in Thailand in 1972 and as a child he collected advertising signage for CocaCola, Pepsi, Fanta, 7Up etc. that he found in the street, unaware of the influence and power of branding in the western world. Equally, growing up in Thailand, he was aware of figures such as Marilyn Monroe and Andy Warhol but was not aware of their fame and significance in popular culture.

He studied art at the University of Bangkok and then worked as a creative director for an advertising agency in Thailand before coming to London to study fine art. After studying in London for 10 years he returned to Thailand where he re-discovered his collection of signs that he assembled in his childhood. Having been surrounded by mass advertising he now fully understood what these signs represented and their impact. He also developed a fascination with pop culture and the pop figures that had not quite registered when he was younger. His hard work and dedication to art meant he soon became a successful artist

Silaphan takes Warhol’s elevation of everyday brands to high art, and combines it with his adoration of famous figures. The power of advertising and corporate branding is demonstrated by the infiltration of Coca-Cola, Pepsi etc. to countries outside Western culture.

Marilyn On Pepsi” is a perfect example of his work, Marilyn Monroe is painted over the familiar branding of Pepsi shown in both the English and Thai text bringing into relief the relationship between fame and branding and the powerful influence of the west on the east. Siliphan makes astute cultural observations through these portraits of contemporary icons in an effective amalgamation on found objects, image and text.

Silaphan says of his work: “The influence of living in a different culture inspires much of my work. I think multicultural societies are as complex as an unfit jigsaw, but offer many opportunities creatively. I like to work with themes from everyday life and popular culture, both for my subject matter and my media as well - newspaper cuttings feature in much of my work in 2D and 3D…. In terms of the selection of my work, I like to pick and combine subjects that have an inherent ambiguity and which have triviality and feeling in equal measure”.

Silaphan has exhibited internationally with shows in the USA, France and Italy, and featured in ‘My Private Collection’ with Grayson Perry, David Hockney, Shephard Fairey and Banksy, at the Paul Smith Gallery in Tokyo in 2009. His work is collected by the rich and famous themselves such as Paul Smith, Richard Curtis and Israeli art collector Jose Mugrabi.Pakpoom Silphan has a solo show “Remastering the Masters” at Scream Galley in London18 November – 22 January

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