Revok, aka Jason Williams has been out of prison for a few months now and has been embarking on a new body of work that does not involve painting on walls in any way, and creating 3-D collages.

We still have the amazing ‘All You See Is Crime In The City’ limited edition by Revok in our Brighton gallery. This signed limited edition silkscreen reflects his earlier street graffiti and makes a very poignant comment on the way people may misjudge inner city where graffiti is often found.

Revok was arrested at LAX airport in April 2011 for failing to turn up in court. This is part of an ongoing battle between Revok and the authorities despite the fact that ironically he has not painted a mural or any other kind of street art for a number of years. He has been threatened with retroactive charges for all his previous murals even murals on walls with the owners’ permission.

He was arrested shortly after the opening of MOCA show “Art In The Streets” and was therefore unable to participate in the groundbreaking show in his home town of LA. On his release and as a result of the constant badgering Revok moved to Detroit in mid west America to find some kind of peace and refuge from all the drama. There he has been working on his new pieces that have been recently shown in L.A. at the Known Gallery.

The highlights among Revok’s new work are his 3-D collages, meticulously built from found ephemera. They are all made from found materials, fragments of reclaimed and abandoned materials, much of which he has fund in the numerous abandoned properties as a result of the disastrous financial climate. While he concedes to having no formal art education or influences, the work recalls the deconstructivist-era of Robert Rauschenberg. His materials show evidence of time spent in dark corners and under viaducts: fragments of hand-painted type, stickers, reclaimed wood, street signs, drawer pulls and caution tape. The large shadowboxes are deliberately representative of place and time, much like the inventive, bold, colorful graffiti he's known for.

Revok (Jason Williams) was born in California in 1977. Growing up in Los Angeles Revok discovered art through his father’s collection of 60's & 70's album covers, comic books, and skateboarding. In 1990 Revok began sneaking out of his parents home to write graffiti around his neighborhood.. 21 years later not much has changed despite numerous arrests, jail time and fines in the U.S. and overseas.

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