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Lidia de Pedro: Motel Deja Vu* We've All Seen

  • 2 min read

Lidia de Pedro’s eagerly awaited new solo exhibition of her latest work opens in our Soho gallery this week and is being anticipated with huge excitement.

12 doors, 12 paintings, 12 ambiences. That is the basis for Lidia de Pedro’s new exhibition ‘Motel Deja Vu’.

The exhibition presents twelve new mixed media artworks all featuring de Pedro’s unique combination of important political and social topics delivered with a very personal and unique Spanish flair.

The exhibition will also incorporate a bespoke soundscape created by the artist that will both represent and reflect upon elements within the artworks, offering a deeper immersion in their themes and preoccupations.

Working in mixed media that includes acrylics, ink, watercolours, glass paint and varnish, her work is teeming with different techniques and materials, resulting in densely patterned, multi-layered and highly personal art.

Tackling subjects such as the recent Arab Spring and the Japanese tsunami /nuclear disaster, amongst others, the work presents a welcome visual escape from some of the harsh media stories of late and yet tackles the important messages with no less than is deserved.

‘My approach is to create in each work a comic strip that is delivered in a single frame without dialogue. There is, therefore, a narrative quality that is produced through layering rather than through a sequential structure. As such my paintings require a certain mode of attention whereby the viewer forges their own path through each piece, effectively creating their own personal narrative.’

A sense of familiarity is suggested through images and sounds in an attempt to create an impression that what is seen and heard might have happened in the past. Information long forgotten, but nevertheless stored in the brain reassembled both visually and aurally.

de Pedro uses her work as a way to record thoughts and ideas, and incorporates many cross-cultural references. Due to her travels across the world her work is seething with different techniques and materials, resulting in densely patterned, multi-layered, colourful and personal art.

Motel Deja Vu arrives off the back of great recent success. Ever since the release of her first print, her characteristic and original style has quickly gained a strong following, resulting in a large amount of commissions and two sell-out solo exhibitions.

To celebrate the opening of the exhibition the private view will also feature a live performance by singer-songwriter Katie Cruel (Wendy Rae Fowler of We Fell To Earth and Queens of the Stone Age)

If you are interested in the work of Lidia de Pedro and you would like further information or more details on her artwork please call +44 (0)20 7240 7909 or email