Shuby has just released her new collection of royal prints. Bunny Queen takes an image of our monarch and replaces the head with a masked bunny. Following the royal fever of the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Shuby was inspired to make her own royal works.

The Bunny Queen limited edition print image is based on a Pietro Annigoni (1910-1988) portrait of Queen Elizabeth in 1956. Annigoni was an Italian portrait painter who signed the manifesto of the “Modern Realist Painters” in opposition to the abstract art of the period. He was relatively unknown in the UK until his work was shown in the royal academy leading to a royal commission from Queen Elizabeth in 1954. The portrait is very detailed and has a certain ethereal quality to it reminiscent of the great tradition of Italian Renaissance painting. He went on to paint JFK the Pope and other British royalty. Don’t miss you chance to get your hands on Shuby’s new take on this classic image.

Shuby found the pictures of various royal figures in a Sussex auction and snapped them up to form the foundations of her new prints. The royal pictures were made between the 1930s and 50s and provided the inspiration for this royal series.

The bunny heads have developed from a series of ceramic biscuit jars that feature masked bunnies that have become quite the collectable with fans including the comedian Noel Fielding. They have great kitsch appeal and many of these ceramics have now sold out.

The bunny motif has also been used in graffiti on shop shutters, Shuby repeats the bunny in various guises and colours around the streets of east London. It has also featured in a customized graffitied garden shed in a collaboration with the Lucky Dip Collective for the Hackney Wicked festival.

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