With Gajun Fujita’s latest print “High Voltage II” just in at our Brighton gallery, and a show of his work opening this month at the LA Louver Gallery, we thought we would take a closer look at this exciting LA graffiti artist.

“High Voltage II” is a perfect example of the way Gajun Fujita’s many different influences come together. The instantly recognisable symbol of the east, the dragon, the decorative design of the waves and the tags that overlay the image are all cultural markers that make up the individual that is Gajun Fujita. Call into our Brighton gallery to see this amazing print in the flesh.

Gajun Fujita’s bold colourful style draws on many influences as he brings together Oriental and Occidental cultures through blending graffiti stencil work with Japanese art. His work combines an all over decorative aesthetic with layers of graffiti. A practice he developed in the 80s when tagging walls in his youth as part of the K2S (Kill to Succeed) crew.

Born and raised in LA as the son of Japanese immigrants, he grew up on the mainly Latino Boyle-heights in LA, surrounded by gang culture. His mother was a Japanese print conservator and his father was a landscape painter. This culturally rich background allowed him to blend the two very different influences, fusing east and west to create his own artistic fusion, with gang culture on the one hand and a strong artistic influence of his family on the other.

Fajita combines elaborate stencils with a tagger's tricks of the trade to obtain an impressive range of effects from the spray can. These fields of gold, spray-paint and marker become backdrops for human figures, animals and architectural elements inspired in by Edo-period screen paintings, Ukiyo-e woodblock prints, tattoo designs and cartoons. Woven amid the figures are words and phrases often three-dimensional in appearance and precisely rendered in styles derived from street tags, pop graphics and gang and sports insignias.

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