Peter Blake’s latest prints pay homage to fellow Pop Artist Robert Rauschenberg who was an enormous influence on him in the 1950’s.

The set of 5 signed limited edition silkscreen prints will be embellished with gold leaf, diamond dust, embossing and glazes. The series coheres around a theme of childhood games, with each work featuring game boards or puzzle lids from iconic games such as Snakes and Ladders and Chess. Around this imagery Blake mixes British and American visual paraphernalia from the world of commercial art and popular culture.

‘Robert Rauschenberg was an enormous influence on me in the mid 1950’s. My ‘Rauschenbergs’ are a very formalised version of his work. I made no attempt to assimilate his beautiful, almost abstract ‘Abstract Expressionistic’ use of paint.’ Peter Blake.

Robert Rauschenberg embraced a huge range of artistic expression from painting and collage to photography, printmaking, stage design and performance. His works are held in nearly every major public and private collection of modern art in Europe and America, and in particular the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Rauschenberg extended well-established conventions of collage and the found object, to produce what he called "combines" - hybrids of painting and sculpture. He was also the first artist to incorporate silk-screen printing on canvas.

The first releases of this series, No.s II and IV are available now, I, III and V will released in January 2012 along with the complete box set supplied in a beautiful embossed portfolio sleeve.

For more details or to register your interest in any of the un-released prints please call our Brighton Gallery on +44 (0)1273724829