Sir Peter Blake has just released his latest print Hope, a signed limited edition silkscreen print with 14 colours, diamond dust, gold leaf, silver leaf, embossing and glazes. Blake uses collaged letters taken from different sources to spell out one of the most important words in the English language: HOPE.

As in much of his work, Blake uses mismatching letters to create an image that is both nostalgic and contemporary. Hope is beautiful in its simplicity. The use of 'found letters' or commercial lettering in his work is something that Blake adopted in the 1950s; allying himself with decorators, sign painters and commercial artists rather than the fine art establishment: declaring himself a 'pop' artist. In prints such as the Alphabet series and the I Love you set of 4 we can see how his collection of nostalgic lettering and imagery comes to play in different ways combining collage with typography.

Blake developed a wide knowledge of lettering, typography and type setting when he was studying Art at Gravesend Technical College (1949-51) This training in the craft of lettering has appeared in his work throughout his career with text or letters often being an integral part of a piece.

His fascination with the found object and the everyday is something that many artists explored but Blake seems to strike the right balance between old and new. He brings the ordinary into a new light making it the subject of his work. He is well known for his love of collage and collecting, as well as the influence of artists such as Jack Pierson.

Hope is also available in a non-diamond dust edition.

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