“Banksy is no angel but he has left us a present…” is announced on an enormous pink banner outside Bristol museum.  Banksy has said a big thank you to his west country hometown by donating one of his works called Pink Angel to the museum’s permanent collection. 

As a way of thanking Bristol, Banksy has given the museum a replica sculpture of a 19th century angel with a paint bucket over its head, the remains of the pink paint dripping out of the bucket and down the front of the angel.

In 2009 the sculpture formed part of the Exit Through the Gift Shop exhibition which was Banksy’s first retrospective show. Having graffitied the city’s walls over the past 20 years, this was the first time his work had been assembled in a gallery space. It was an enormously popular show and raised £15million towards Bristol’s economy. The elusive artist still managed to retain his anonymity whilst being part of the installation crew for the show.

Meanwhile in Germany and eight year old work by Banksy is being uncovered in a museum in Berlin. It was originally done by Banksy for a festival in 2003, eight years ago, but was subsequently painted over.  Now for a new show at the Bethanien “Do Not Think”, it has been fully restored to its original glory.  It took 10 days to remove 20 layers of paint to reveal the winged soldiers with smiley faces and machine guns alongside the caption “Every Picture Tells a Lie”. The Bethenian gallery apparently may paint over it again once the show is over but at least we’ve had the chance to see it again if only for a short while.

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