This week witnessed the opening of Dolk's long awaited debut solo exhibition. Taking place in Oslo, Norway, the show marks Dolk’s official step from the street to the gallery space.

The new show, set in Dolk’s native Norway, features a collection of ten new stencil works on canvas. Beginning his career in 2003 as an artist he has risen, through numerous sell-out releases over the years, to be considered a part of the international elite within the street art movement.

Through the years, working side-by-side and in conjunction with, the best of his contemporaries he has painted in most of the large urban environments of Europe, Australia and the USA.

Dolk begins his process by identifying an idea, a personal insight, or a socio-political commentary and then develops the visual concept to the point that he can create a stencil. He makes numerous sketches, and then deconstructs the image to identify the different layers, of which stencils are then cut.

With this exhibition, Dolk moves into a new phase, where the "art" segment of the concept "street art" takes precedence. In his works on canvas, Dolk doesn't abandon his identification with the street, he uses, however, more traditional formats to express his personal ideals and social criticism.

For the first time in Dolk’s work, the heavy use of traditional painting combined with spray-painted stencil has been employed on a large scale; an element that previously had not been explored.

Street-art touches those that wouldn't usually go to an art gallery. The work evokes immediate reactions and the art form has been used to communicate with the masses. The thematic debate is current and lively and there has been a conscious choice to stand separate from the established art milieu. Anyone can spray paint on a wall, but only a select few artists have the talent to give their work the extra dimension necessary to set their own creative trail. With this exhibition, Dolk confirms his status among these few.

Dolk’s works sell quick and we’ve only one or two available. If you would like further information or to enquire about other works and artist’s we have in the gallery please call +44 (0)20 7240 7909 or email