He has come to be considered one of the pioneers of French street art, since he started working on the streets of Paris in the early 80’s, and his iconic work still remains as strong now as when he first started: proudly, we introduce Speedy Graphito.

The work of graffiti artist Speedy Graphito (real name Olivier Rizzo) is inspired by the world around us and in particular the barrage of advertising logos that are part of today’s consumer culture. Other influences he cites for his work include fifties America, cartoons, Manga and images in Maya culture.

The strong colours present in Speedy’s work and the juxtaposition of his imagery is meant to make us question the iconic images he uses and the popular culture from which it is taken.

Through imposing a powerful, innovative style in the early 80’s, Speedy has left his mark on the memory of a whole generation. He hasn’t stopped evolving and is always in step with the times by inventing pictorial languages and codes that are iconoclastic and satirical of society.

His art is part of life itself. His canvasses recount his own story, his encounters, his questioning of a world that he invents for himself as he constructs it. He is revered as an icon and his influence on new generations of artists and the current cultural landscape is unparalleled.

This is non-more evident than with his inclusion in the recent Street Art/Graffiti retrospective at MOCA, Los Angeles, where his work featured alongside the great pantheon of street artists past and present.

Following from the MOCA exhibition Speedy has recently participated in the Dogtown Artists United Art Crawl, has been filming for a documentary about his life and work, (released December 2011) and been widely exhibiting across L.A. showing new and original work including paintings, silkscreens and installations.

Speedy Graphito works are found in private and public collections throughout the world including London, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Dubai and across Asia. At auction his pieces can command prices upwards of $50,000. He currently lives and works in Paris.

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