Blink and you’ll miss it but a huge stencil of a lamb by Broken Crow is seen in the latest Mini Paceman TV advertising campaign. As the new car speeds through an urban landscape and past their piece on a wall we get a glimpse of the original aesthetic in a large statement mural.

Broken Crow is a stencil-based artistic collaboration between Mike Fitzsimmons and John Grider. The two artists began creating and showing art together in 2003. Since then, Broken Crow has attained global recognition for their pioneering use of large-scale stencils in the increasingly established arena of street art. Their collaborative mission is to create the largest stencils possible.

Through painting, Broken Crow seeks to reintroduce wild animals back into the urban habitats that we humans live in, writing their own mythology as they go. Their art features various animals and anthropomorphic humanoids in crazy colours and, of course, extraordinarily large size. To date, they have painted 92 murals around the world. A version of the lamb seen in the Mini commercial has been re-created in print as “Untitled” available in the Brighton gallery now.

Click here to watch the new Mini Paceman commercial featuring Broken Crow