The gossip columns are awash with the latest celebrity mug shot as Reese Witherspoon is arrested for disorderly conduct. Mug shots taken by countless clerks, cops and sheriffs are the most candid photos of celebrities and have inspired some of artrepublic’s most sought after screen prints…

Russell Young is familiar with a celeb or two, having photographed the likes of Morrisey, Bjork, REM, Diana Ross and Paul Newman. Now an internationally acclaimed Pop artist, he has transformed classic mug shots into larger than life images documenting history and popular culture. Young has said that his idea to create “anti-celebrity” portraits was probably a reaction to his former career.

Artist Russell Marshall has similarly appropriated the criminal snap shot. Having worked in the tabloid newspaper industry for over 20 years, his mug shot masterpieces reflect his interest in the public’s obsession with celebrity.

Both Young and Marshall have created art works featuring the identification photos of Jane Fonda, Al Pacino and Elvis, besides numerous other popular culture figures. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for a Reese Witherspoon edition!