A ‘Cultural Exchange’ is launching on the BBC’s ‘Front Row’ on Monday 22nd April beginning with the artist Tracey Emin. She will be discussing the artwork that has most inspired her, Vermeer’s painting ‘Lady Writing a Letter with her Maid’.

Emin describes Vermeer as “one of the first feminists”, because of the unusual way he depicted women. “He showed that women had singular thoughts that were away from their husbands.”

‘Cultural Exchange’ is Radio 4’s major new arts project. It will see 75 leading creative figures choose a favourite cultural work to share with listeners – from paintings, writing, films, music and poetry, to inspiring buildings. The other people taking part include PD James, Nigel Kennedy, Meera Syal, Jeanette Winterson, Paul Weller and film director Bernardo Bertolucci.

Emin’s 17th Century Dutch masterpiece, a sexually forthright movie from the 70s, a pioneering science-fiction novel and a ground-breaking ballet from Sweden are among the artworks chosen by the diverse range of high-profile figures. We’re looking forward to a summer of cultural conversation!