In this his third solo show in London and his first exhibition in the capital for six years McGee’s infamous style and visual language is once again brought to fore of the UK street art scene for a month-long showcase of his latest work.

Barry McGee’s work draws its structures and graphic impact chiefly from the influences of tagging, ‘Mission School’ abstraction, and vandalism. His work draws heavily from a pessimistic view of the urban experience, which he describes as, "urban ills, overstimulations, frustrations, addictions and trying to maintain a level head under the constant bombardment of advertising".

Through fusing together found and invented imagery, tags and assorted objects, McGee’s range of influences include the Mexican muralists, tramp art, the graffiti artists of the 70’s and 80’s and the San Francisco Beat poets, creating a unique visual language.

McGee has been highly influential on the urban art scene that has followed. In early forms he popularised the use of paint drips in urban-influenced graphic design, which as a visual tool has formed almost a backbone to the aesthetic of urban art. He was also an early participant in the practice of painting directly on gallery walls, imitating the intrusive nature of graffiti. His use of chisel tip markers has heavily influenced sticker art and graffiti in general.

Also known by his street name, Twist, Barry McGee has a very large following in the street art community. He has been working on the streets of San Francisco, his native city, since the mid 1980’s where his images continue to endure on walls, mailboxes and other surfaces despite the continuous campaign of public authorities to paint them out.

McGee has long resisted showing his works in museums and commercial galleries, but over the past few years has increasingly become more active in the conventional art world context.

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