Street artist Pasha P183, known as the ‘Russian Banksy’ has died. According to reports he has been found dead in Moscow, aged just 29.

Pasha P183 was known for leaving artistic installations and politically fuelled murals across Moscow. Like Banksy, and late US artist Keith Haring, Pasha P183 began painting graffiti in the dead of night, and was detained numerous times by Moscow police. Several of his street works made an apparent reference to a recent wave of massive street protests in Moscow against President Vladimir Putin. One showed a protestor lighting a glare and another riot police on a subway station’s doors.

Little was known about the street artist, including his identity, although he did film himself at work and gave interviews explaining his ‘anarchist’ art. While wearing a black balaclava he told Russia Today, “Put simply, I want to teach people in this country to tell lies from the truth and to tell bad from good. This is what our people still cannot do.”