The beautifully quirky little print from up-and-coming artist Ceal Warnants has recently been spotted on more than one occasion on both the big and small screens... we're sure it’s more than just cunning product-placement.

It’s official artrepublic’s beady, art-trained eye has spotted the distinctive little girl with a shotgun on two occasions.

We were very excited to see her pop up in the background of the short film 'Steve' which stars British actress Kiera Knightley and then on a completely separate and far less salubrious occasion where she unfortunately witnesses a murder in ITV1's Lewis.

Either way top exposure for a cracking edition!

About the artist: Ceal Warnants graduated from The Royal College of Art MA in 2008. Her work explores the dark side of British culture, focusing particularly on ideas of youth and innocence

She creates subversive images of childhood that openly question the nostalgic, saccharine depictions of growing up. Through this unique perspective of her’s, Ceal’s work comes across as both darkly comic and disturbingly truthful.

Later this month Ceal is set to have a solo exhibition in London in which her subversive approach to nostalgia will be showcased raising once again many questions surrounding stereotypes of youth and innocence.

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