View our collectable art highlights for April 2013 by taking a walk around the walls of our London gallery. Gallery Manager Sam Rhodes takes you through three fantastic art works including an outstanding Charming Baker limited edition, the first ever lenticular by Sir Peter Blake and an amazing Stanley Donwood art work depicting the destruction of Los Angeles.

Charming Baker, ‘Being Yourself is Easier When You’re Not Being Someone Else’ art print: “Classic Charming title, signed limited edition of 145, signed in pencil, numbered in pencil, it’s got the Charming stamp. It features sketches of some mice which were done for a sculpture at the Victoria & Albert museum last summer with Paul Smith, featuring a tiny mouse holding up a big racing bike…”

Sir Peter Blake, ‘James Dean at the Albert Hall’ art lenticular print: “This is his latest release. It’s a 3D lenticular, his first forary into 3D work… It was produced especially to be a lenticular which makes all the difference. The composition suits being a lenticular, Peter Blake designed it like that.”

Stanley Donwood, ‘Apocalypse 101’ art print: “Apocalypse LA, you’ve got all the landmarks and, really nice, the classic Donwood black and white… Best thing about this? Probably the fact that Donwood and Radiohead have separate collector bases so there’s lots of interest in this. It’s very collectible.”

To find out more about any of these pieces either drop in to our Soho gallery or contact them on +44 (020) 7240 7909 email