British fine artist Dan Baldwin has just released three new works all expertly produced entirely in the medium of silkscreen for the first time ever. We saw them for real on the day of their release and they are something special…

The three new prints: 'Death At The Parade', 'Hope' and 'Cyclone', officially released last week at the prestigious Royal Academy print fair, London, are the first fruit born from Baldwin’s new working relationship with iconic printers Coriander, whose artist roster reads like a who’s-who of the contemporary art world.

The results are sensational with these prints, for the first time ever in Dan Baldwin’s career, produced solely as silkscreen prints rather than the usual combination of giclee and silkscreen.

The prints are yet to arrive into the gallery, as the finishing touches are still being made, but were are expecting quality with promises of gold leaf, spot glazing and embossed areas providing the illusion of 3D.

Dan Baldwin’s work bridges the gap between abstract and figurative painting. His style has a unique aesthetic which is difficult to categorise. Working by instinct, it can change dramatically depending on the subject matter he is exploring and the emotions he is channelling.

His integration of mixed media found objects (knives, crucifixes, bullets, bank notes and razor blades) over screen prints, acrylic and spray paint adds depth, clarity and balance. A great example of this is in the controversial canvas ‘Death, Fuck, Power, Lust’.

Amidst the edgy brushstrokes and sinister themes, symbolism proliferates in Baldwin’s work. From children’s storybook illustrations and images of war to skate graphics and Vanitas, each viewer develops a highly personal response to what they see.


Baldwin’s superlative technique and conceptual brilliance position him at the forefront of the new Young British Artist movement. His work is internationally celebrated, championed and collected by an exclusive clientele. Baldwin has exhibited his paintings, prints and ceramics around the world. He has enjoyed a stream of critically lauded sell-out solo shows and has become a solid fixture at auction houses in recent years.

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