Both are very fine, much sought after, artists in their own right and both have upcoming events this month, so it’s only natural that a few of their best loved editions make a return to the walls of our London space.

D*Face: He’s been an artrepublic stable for many a year now and we’ve witnessed his career develop from serial ‘stickerer’, adorning many of London’s lampposts, to international street art star with shows all over the world.

This month he unveils his most sensational solo exhibition to date, “Going Nowhere Fast” exhibited for the first time in Los Angeles. This marks a grand step forward for D*face who is aiming to build on his success already attained with exhibitions in New York.

The LA show follows his recent collaboration with pop star Christina Aguilera on the cover art for her number-one selling album Bionic.

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Antony Micallef, although not a street artist, has often been considered an honorary member by those in and around the scene. In part by the associations with artists and exhibitions that his works has been presented alongside, but also because his work contains some of the raw qualities seen in street and urban art.

Micallef, however, is a painter, a fine artist, and a very fine artist at that. His paintings and charcoal work belong to some of the most prestigious collections around the world and over the last few years he has gone on a world tour with the British Museum, exhibited at the Royal Academy and recently had his work selected to form a charity box set for the British Heart foundation.

This month marks his first edition release of 2011, putting his name back on everyone lips.

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