We have two amazing new giclee signed limited edition’s from Brighton artist Definitely Mary now available on artrepublic.com so we thought we should take a close look at her work.

Definitely Mary (AKA Mary Allen) has been drawing since she was a child, as long as she had a pen or pencil in her hand she was always quiet and happy.

She went to study Graphic Design at University in Australia and once she graduated she worked as a Graphic Designer. But she hated sitting on a computer all day and wanted to burst out and draw so she did.

However being a designer taught her a lot about the world of design and illustration. It has been a great influence on her not only in terms of design but also in her fine art practice, using characterised images, simplified shapes, structures and fine line detail.

Recently she has started to focus purely on technique, the use of fine lines, attention to detail, flat and layered colours, shapes, different mediums and characterising the world. Her journey has now taken a leap into another world with pieces that draw you into a world that masks not only what she sees, but also what you see within yourself.

Definitely Mary has produced designs on a variety of different surfaces, including shoes and skin (in the form of tattoos). In her commissions she bases tries to capture the person’s individuality and put a little bit of their life into the piece giving them something really special. She says she would love to work in new mediums like furniture and textiles or even see my characters come to life through animation.

She is working on a number of Ideas at the moment including stationary and accessories, but we hope to be hearing much more about her in the future. Brighton residents can see her work at The Claremont Hotel and in an Artist Open House.